Gather trash, earn cash, upgrade your robot! WIN! With three MASSIVE randomly generating maps, only getting bigger with each level we hope you can reach the last one!
Collecting trash is the most fun thing you could do! Simply use the arrow keys, who needs other buttons? With more upgrades than a college football team, this game is packaged with more AWESOME than a randomly generating metaphor!

We were trying to think of something that combines all the themes, Urban was an easy one; set it in a city.
Organization and tasks, and Robots, that kind of stumped us.

Prior to the announcement of the themes we were praying for anything but Organization, so to see that was putting a brick wall in our way.
First we thought “Lets do a giant robot you have to assemble like a puzzle.” That idea (which was FLowe’s) was shot down faster than Red 2 attacking the death star.
We then thought “Okay it’s gotta be urban, how about cleaning the city?” and that evolved into Wall-E. From Wall-E we build a randomly generating map, and worked on art.

Note this game is unbeatable, as the levels loop if you beat them.

Programming – Forrest Lowe.
Pixel Art – Skyler Lowe and Barbara Lowe.
Sound Effects – Drew Hixson.

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