Constellations is a game concept/prototype in which the player searches the sky for constellations. It was made for the second Fire Jam with the theme “space” in mind. The player starts in a small room with nothing but a bulletin board, a journal and a telescope.


To play the game the player must interact with the telescope, using the E key, and then search the sky full of stars for certain constellations. After finding a constellation, it can be researched by repeatedly tapping space. Upon researching a constellation, the bulletin board will update to reflect the players progress.


Constellations already researched can be found in the journal. In the journal the player can see a picture of and the coordinates of the different constellations.


To win the game, simply find all the constellations outlined on the bulletin board.


This is merely a prototype. The idea may be updated or worked on in the future, but more than likely will be scrapped. The games source can be found on the download page.


Game made in Godot

3D models made in MagicaVoxel

Images/Sprites made in and Medibang Pro

Music: Gymnopedie No.1

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