Paper Alchemist is a short puzzle game created by Audrey Kaplan and Michael Kaplan.  The game was created for Fire Jam with the theme “Elements” You start with the ancient elements of earth, water, air, fire, and a room that is mostly empty. Gradually, you will build up your workshop, tools, and cache of alchemical elements, items, and trophies.

How to play: Click on an item or element icon to pick it up, then click on another item or element to try and combine. Not all items can be picked up! The cursor will change if you have picked the item up. Right-click will clear your current selection.

Hint: Don’t forget to try combining an item with itself. If you’re still stuck, press the Hint button for a clue.

How to win: There is one particular item that will win the game. You do not need to find 100% of all recipes to win, but try to find them all!

Currently this is a prototype and so is short and limited. Ideas for future versions:

  • Many more item combinations
  • Multiple levels
  • Decor items
  • More tools and processes in the workshop
  • Animations and special effects
  • Better player feedback (for example letting you know that a combination has failed, or you can’t pick up an item)

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