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 Constellations is a game concept/prototype in which the player searches the sky for constellations. It was made for the
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Paper Alchemist
Paper Alchemist is a short puzzle game created by Audrey Kaplan and Michael Kaplan.  The game was created for Fire Jam with the
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Me and my team were the winners of Fire Jam #3. We might have won but we weren't the best
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Spaceman in the Wizard Alien Nebula
     A lone spaceman, stranded in a far-flung nebula which also happens to have wizards and aliens and
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Computational Driving
Program cars to move around in an urban environment. Solve puzzles and avoid hazards. Eight levels in total. All assets
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Alphabot Protocol
Definitely got a lot done in a week. Looking forward to finishing up and polishing this project, although it will
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Cover Art
Deadbolt is a top down Fast paced Action Space Shooter where you play as a Resistance fighter trying to overthrow
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