A lone spaceman, stranded in a far-flung nebula which also happens to have wizards and aliens and other such nonsense… What could possibly go wrong?

Austin Lu created this game for the second Fire Jam (theme: “Magic, Space, Adorable”). The Game was made in Unity over the course of five sleepless days and nights and takes inspiration from Daniel Linssen’s Roguelight (https://managore.itch.io/roguelight), above all, the biggest inspiration was just seeing the words “Magic” and “Space” together.

All the sprites used were created with Inkscape, while the music and sound effects were all made with Garageband.

As Spaceman in the Wizard Alien Nebula is only a prototype, the scope of the game is rather narrow. Some current ideas for improvements are:

• Better level design
• Upgrades/items store
• More enemies
• More bosses
• Making those green alien things less OP
• And who knows what else!


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